Human Capital Agenda


With an extensive and detailed range of activities, the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) Chemistry focuses on the realization of sufficient, well-qualified personnel in the chemical sector, now and in the future.


Roadmap Human Capital Top Sectors 2020-2023

A well-educated working population is an important pillar of the economy, in relation to the earning capacity in our economy and in contributing to societal challenges. The role of universities of applied sciences as the bridgehead to regional SMEs is also important here. In order to have sufficient well-trained staff available in the future, the top sectors (including IT) have set their joint ambitions, priorities and actions in the Roadmap Human Capital Top Sectors 2020-2023. The top sectors have taken the (future) earning capacity in our economy and the knowledge and innovation agendas as a starting point.


Roadmap “Human Capital Top Sectors 2016 – 2020”


HCA online dashboard

The latest version of the labor market dashboard is online. This initiative of the VNCI and ChemistryNL contains an update of the intake and outflow figures for all chemistry courses in the Netherlands. It also provides insight into developments regarding vacancies in the sector. New in this version is the representation of the transfer of graduates from all individual chemical (mbo-hbo-wo) study programs by type of work field.


HCA talent programmes

The chemical industry needs talent to realize the ambitions of the sector. Who wants to develop his or her talent in chemistry can participate in the ChemistryNL talent programs. These are available for students in chemistry, chemistry, process technology and analytical chemistry, at university or HBO.


The Top Sector Chemistry Talent Programs are an initiative of ChemistryNL, VNCI, COAST, ISPT and NWO. In recent years, the ChemistryNL Talent Program has successfully expanded under the leadership of these parties to an annual presentation to more than 100 higher vocational and university chemistry students. The ChemistryNL Talent Programs have been set up to allow more students to opt for a study in chemistry and to increase the intake of qualified chemists to industry.


The bar is high: in order to qualify for a talent program, school performance, motivation and ambition must be of a high level. In addition, a broad interest is important; after all, chemistry fair students are role models and ambassadors for chemistry.


Top sector Chemistry talent programs: