Human Capital Agenda

With an extensive and detailed range of activities, the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) Chemistry focuses on the realization of sufficient, well-qualified personnel in the chemical sector, now and in the future. Check out the ‘dashboard onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt’, the ChemistryNL Human Capital Agenda 2020-2023, our talent programmes and the activities of the Human Capital Agenda Topsectors.

For more information about our Human Capital Activities, contact our HCA Coordinator Onno de Vreede.

ChemistryNL Human Capital Agenda 2020-2023
Working together on societal challenges
In this Human Capital Agenda attention for the 2 HCA themes;  Staffing of the sector and Development of (technical) skills and behavioral competences of the employee / chemist of the future. Check out the HCA 2020-2023 and find out more about the HCA themes and working areas, activities, link HCA with education levels, etc.

Education-labor market dashboard
The education-labor market dashboard (dashboard onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt) has been updated on July 1st, 2021. This online dashboard provides insights into the education and labor market situation of the chemical sector. You can use the figures from the dashboard to gain insights into student flows from education to the labor market in chemistry.

Human Capital Agenda of the joint topsectors
Sufficient people with the right knowledge and qualities, our human capital, is essential to answer the social challenges of the Netherlands. In order to achieve this, a strong connection between learning, working and innovating – and therefore close collaboration between business, research and education – is indispensable.

HCA talent programmes
The chemical industry needs talent to realize the ambitions of the sector. Who wants to develop his or her talent in chemistry can participate in the ChemistryNL talent programmes. These are available for students in chemistry, chemistry, process technology and analytical chemistry, at university or HBO.