Learning communities

In a Learning Community, companies, educational institutions and research institutions work closely together and learning, working, innovating and research are optimally linked. After all, innovation has the greatest chance of success when people can develop, adopt and apply innovations in practice.

In a Learning Community:
• partners develop innovative solutions together;
• they translate experiences into an optimal and up-to-date educational offer;
• they train workers in the skills needed to get started with the innovations;
• they continuously exchange insight and experience in order to arrive at improved concepts/techniques

Towards 100 Learning Communities and joint research in 2023
The top sectors want to help realize at least a hundred Learning Communities in the next four years. In addition, together with NWO, TNO and SIA, they are committed to a joint research program into Learning Communities, aimed at the knowledge that organizations and professionals can use to translate innovations even better into their work and education. And the top sectors are working on social innovation in innovation pilots and are collaborating in the field of labor market research. All knowledge and good examples are actively shared, so that as many parties as possible can benefit from this.
In these and many other ways, the number of innovative partnerships is increased. And the impact that their activities have on answering the major social issues in the Netherlands will also become even greater.

Are you looking for a community to join or are you looking for support in setting up a new partnership where people work, learn and innovate? Then contact our Human Capital Coordinator Onno de Vreede now!