Chemistry related Public – private HCA centers

In HBO Centers of expertise and MBO Centers for innovative craftsmanship, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and students work together to promote the quality of technical education. These public-private partnerships seek to connect with the regional knowledge infrastructure by focusing on a strongly represented top sector. (Top) education, applied research and retraining and further training are closely related in order to develop a unique training and knowledge profile. All centers are part of the national Katapult network.

HBO Centers of Expertise (COEs)
Chill Geleen
HAN Biocentre, Nijmegen
RDM Centre of Expertise, Rotterdam
MNext, Breda/Vlissingen
Green Pac, Emmen

MBO Centers of Innovative craftmanship (CIVs)
Polymeren, Coatings en Composieten, Zwolle
Maintenance & Procestechniek, Brielle
Biobased Economy, Bergen op Zoom
Chill, Geleen

MBO Centers from Regional Investment Fund (RIFs)
DC Tech, Emmen
Food & Process Tech Campus, Zaandam
RDM Training Plant Rotterdam
Praktijkcentrum Procestechnologie, Enschede
Plant of the Future, Brielle
Community of Practice, Limburg I-Labs

Map with innovation hotspots and HCA centers.