HCA Talent programmes

The chemical industry needs talent to realize the ambitions of the sector. Who wants to develop his or her talent in chemistry can participate in the ChemistryNL talent programmes. These are available for students in chemistry, chemistry, process technology and analytical chemistry, at university or HBO. Check out our video about talent development on our YouTube channel.

The ChemistryNL talent programmes are an initiative of ChemistryNL, COAST, ISPT and VNCI. In recent years, the ChemistryNL Talent Programme has successfully expanded under the leadership of these parties to an annual presentation to more than 100 higher vocational and university chemistry students. The ChemistryNL talent rrogrammes have been set up to allow more students to opt for a study in chemistry and to increase the intake of qualified chemists to industry.

The bar is high: in order to qualify for a talent programme, school performance, motivation and ambition must be of a high level. In addition, a broad interest is important; after all, chemistry fair students are role models and ambassadors for chemistry.

ChemistryNL talent programmes

COAST organizes two programmes for excellent students with a curriculum focussed on Analytical Sciences. ASTP, a collaborative effort of COAST and Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, is a three-year talent program for vocational BSc (HLO) students. COAST MSc+ is a two-year programme  for academic MSc students.

    Students in the Analytical Sciences Talent Program (ASTP), the talent program for vocational BSc students specializing in analytical chemistry receive 150 hours per year extra education, perform internships with accredited companies, and get a grant of about € 3000 to € 5400 per year during the last three years of their education.
    Students in the first year of their HLO program can apply through the ASTP-page of the COAST website.
  • COAST MSc+Students in the MSc+ program, the talent program for MSc specializing in analytical chemistry, will follow 150 hours per year extra education, perform internships with accredited companies and receive a grant up to € 5000 per year. Students in the last year of their BSc can apply through the MSc+ page of the COAST website.

ISPT’s Process Technology Talent Program (PTTP) is the talent programme for HBO students that focuses on process technology. The aim is to provide talented students with in-depth knowledge about process technology and the latest innovations and provide them a network that accelerates their career. The programme comes on top of the HBO studies and consists of courses, industry visits, industrial assignments, visits to congresses and meetings of industrial experts. Lectures are provided by leading experts from institutes, universities and companies all over the Netherlands.