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Humanity is facing many global challenges.

The chemical sector in The Netherlands delivers multiple enabling technologies for necessary innovations.


ChemistryNL works according to 4 main lines, which are carried out by ChemistryNL office. In addition, the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation for the Biobased Economy (TKI-BBE) will implement the cross-sectoral Biobased Economy program, which is part of the Top Sectors Chemistry and Energy.

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Developing new products out of biobased polybutylene succinate

While the plastic PBS has traditionally been produced using petroleum-based building blocks, customers are increasingly demanding biodegradable products.

Better food for infants

Human breast milk contains high concentrations of complex carbohydrates that have many beneficial properties including protection against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Finding a way to provide cow’s milk with components such as complex carbohydrates to make it resemble human breast milk more is an important scientific objective.

Thin-film solar cells development

In Solliance, a research centre shared by TNO, TU Eindhoven, Holst Centrum, ECN, imec and Forschungszentrum Jülich, scientists are developing new materials and concepts for applications in thin-film solar cells. The goal is to increase the efficiency of solar cells while also reducing their cost price.