ChemistryNL Human Capital Agenda 2020-2023
Working together on societal challenges

The Human capital Agenda, drawn up by the HCA Coreteam, consists of the following items:

–           HCA themes and working areas (section 2)
–           Activities and deliverables (section 3)
–           Link HCA with education levels (section 4)
–           Cross connections between the HCA action lines (section 5)
–           Action holders and stakeholders (section 6)
–           Budget (section 7)
–           HCA Coreteam (people) and follow-up (section 8)

In this HCA there will be the same two human capital themes as in the previous HCA:

–      Staffing of the sector
–      Development of (technical) skills and behavioral competences of the employee / chemist of the future

The following 5 work areas have been identified:

–      Knowledge base: periodic update of the labor market education monitor of the TSC
–      Familiarity / image of the sector among students and teachers
–      Talent development in higher education / support of talent programmes [check out our video about talent development on YouTube]
–      Influencing Curriculum development in education and Lifelong development
–      Connecting HCA on mission themes / societal challenges

The first 4 work areas are a direct continuation of the previous HCA (see also Appendix 1). The fifth work area is now being newly added and is intended to shape the human capital component of the mission-driven innovation policy. This work area reinforces the second Human Capital theme (see also Table 2 in Section 4).

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