Dashboard ‘Onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt’

The new version of the “smart” education-labor market dashboard of ChemistryNL was launched on 30 October 2020. Figures regarding chemistry education (MBO, HBO, WO) and jobs / vacancies in the chemical sectors sbi 19-21 have now been updated up to and including 2019. Newly added data are on Lifelong Learning (BBL) and on the inflow and outflow of personnel in the chemical industry.

The figures for 2019 show a growth of 4% of the total number of employees in the four chemical sectors (sbi 19-21). The number of vacancies for MBOers and HBOers was again clearly higher than for WO students. Most pressure is on MBO. In percentage terms, the number of MBO vacancies rose sharply again in 2019 (+ 27%). Although the number of graduates in chemical MBO also increased (+ 9%), the number of starting students decreased again (-8%). The next update of the dashboard, scheduled for mid-2021, will report the effects of Corona.

Link to the dashboard (in Dutch):