Bilateral cooperation

ChemistryNL has a strong history of international bilateral collaboration in research and innovation. In this we benefit from our international network with attachés posted in key strategic regions and partnering countries. Also ChemistryNL benefits from the relations of the Dutch Research council (NWO) and national industry’s associations (VNCI, HollandBio etc.) with its counterparts around the world.

Our board has decided to focus on a selected number of strategic themes coupled to a selection of focus countries in order to keep momentum and make sustainable impact. Find the themes and relevant partnering countries in the table below, and join us in growing the number of meaningful collaborations. As our societal challenges continue to evolve, so may the relevant theme’s and countries, so do not hesitate to contact us to talk about other/future opportunities.

Overview themes and current and planned activities

Click on the country below for an overview of current and planned activities.

Biobased chemistry
(Chemical) recycling

More information about our trilateral cooperation with Belgium and Germany

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