Main theme of collaboration: Biobased chemistry

Main partner(s): Government, NWO, FAPESP (CNPEM, LNBR)

Current activities and collaborations:
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Title Scope Duration Partners k/M€ subsidy
Brazilië  NWO-FAPESP Biobased economy conversion/biotechnology 2013-2019 Academics, 7 projects ca. 3.5M€
Brazilië  NWO-FAPESP Biobased economy conversion/biotechnology 2017-2022 Academics, 6 projects ca. 3 M€
Current Brazilian Merian Funds “Advanced healthcare materials” Sep22 opened Academic  +1 pp consortia 2,8 M€ at NWO , 15,2 M R$  at FAPESP
BE-Basic (NL) – FAPESP Biobased economy Optimization/Conversion Biomass & Sustainability 2011-2018 Academic 11M€

Seeking collaborations on the following sub-theme/sub-topics:
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Sub-theme Sub-topic k/M€ subsidy
Feedstock sustainability Access to circular/renewable feedstocks (=CO2, waste/recyclate, bio-feedstocks) tbd
Feedstock  to product Feedstock to materials & chemical (biobased circular materials/plastics) tbd
Biorefineries New (bio-) conversion processes (Carbohydrates/Linin/Oils/Fibres) tbd

Opportunities we see on these sub-themes/sub-topics:
These are important main challenges for both countries. Due to energy transition and climate agenda are the drivers underlined. Brazil has source (available land and climate) for various biomass. There is also established research and development network for utilizing this biomass for conversion into biofuels, materials and chemicals. In the last years, there is big effort into sustainable development of these processes. Academic institutes, public and private parties are actively working in these fields.

Planned activities ChemistryNL for 2023:

  • Sharing findings and conclusions of the first workshop (29NOV22)
  • Follow up workshops to prioritize the themes
  • Help to formalize the topics of a new NWO call with Brazil
  • Fact finding mission based on identified scope

What does ChemistryNL aim to achieve with Brazil in the medium/long term:
Our goal is to accelerate open innovation internationally while increasing knowledge, earning power and strategic autonomy.