Main theme of collaboration: (chemical) recycling
Secondary theme of collaboration: Biobased chemistry

Seeking collaborations on the following sub-theme/sub-topics:
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Sub-theme Sub-topic TRL 1-3 TRL 4-7 TRL 8-9
 Chemical recycling of polymers Dissolution technologies New methods, applied to new materials Successful start-ups and implementation  Scale of initiatives and material streams
Solvolysis New methods, applied to new materials Successful start-ups  and implementation  Scale of initiatives and material streams
Thermochemical recycling New methods, applied to new materials Successful start-ups  and implementation  Scale of initiatives and material streams
 Chemical characterization of polymers  Characterization in the sorting process New characterization techniques  Implementation of new techniques New sorting lines
 Characterization of recyclate  New standards  New protocols New directives

Opportunities we see on these sub-themes/sub-topics:

Chemical Recycling is one the key technologies, besides mechanical recycling, in order to fulfil a circular economy. In the United States there is a large knowledge area in the field of Chemical Recycling. Next to that, there are multiple start- and scale-up companies in the US, developing and implementing new recycling technologies. Biobased Chemistry is the second main focus for the US, as the US is increasing its developments.

In March 2020 a mission to the US was planned, but due to COVID this mission had to be cancelled. During the preparation for the initial mission a fact sheet was published (MSG report International benchmark Chemical Recycling, 2020), however it was mainly based on policies and drivers within in the US and less on innovations.

ClosedLoop Partners also performed a study on circular supply chain for plastics. This market study is mainly based on the opportunities for chemical recycling within the US including future considerations on a technological, but also on a governmental level.

Planned activities ChemistryNL for 2023:

  • March 2023: Innovation mission to the United States, visiting REMADE conference and several states (Texas/Colorado). During the mission follow-up activities will be determined for the rest of 2023 and further on. Postponed to fall 2023.
  • May 2023: Innovation mission with the focus on next gen batteries.

What does ChemistryNL aim to achieve with the USA in the medium/long term:

  • In the field of Chemical Recycling a cooperation between knowledge institutes is a sufficient goal to aim on. In Recycling it is not obvious to build up a relationship between recycling facilities in which recycling material is shipped across the ocean. In order to cooperate, knowledge of new recycling technologies can be implemented locally, but be developed elsewhere.
  • Exploring activities on Biobased Chemistry, looking for opportunities in a more developed area.