Main theme of collaboration: Biobased chemistry

Main partner(s): Government (France 2030), Bioeconomy for Change

Current activities and collaborations:
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Title Scope Partners
JV Total/Corbion Biopolymer production
Biobased textiles and biorefinery Wageningen Research, University of Lille

Seeking collaborations on the following sub-theme/sub-topics:
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Sub-theme Sub-topic TRL 1-3 TRL 4-7 TRL 8-9 k/M€ subsidy
Expanding the biomass pool Mapping biomass availability (France AgriMer, Federatie Bioeconomie) tbd
Biomass conversion processes – New routes for industrial grade sugars and starch
– New routes for new crops (e.g. beans, lupine, chicory, algae, azolla, seaweed, sorghum, miscanthus)
– New routes for side streams from agriculture, forestry, waste etc.
X X X tbc
Pilot projects for next generation biobased building blocks and biopolymers X X tbd
Demonstration plants for biobased building blocks and biopolymers X X tbd
Industrial flagships for biobased building blocks Derisking scale-up X
Demo’s for recycling of biobased materials X X X tbd

Opportunities we see on these sub-themes/sub-topics:
These themes are essential to scale up the biobased economy. Also, they are part of the major programs on biobased materials in France (calls for biobased products and industrial biotechnologies as part of France 2030) and the Netherlands (National Growth Fund proposal Biobased Circular).

Planned activities ChemistryNL for 2023:

  • Further develop cooperation opportunities between France2030 and National Growth Fund proposal Biobased Circular
  • Collecting ideas on concrete cooperation projects/initiatives from participants of the workshop in October 2022
  • Defining possible financing tools for joint R&D projects (e.g. CBE JU, other European funds)
  • Exploring the option of making biobased materials part of the French-Dutch Innovation Pact
  • Organizing a follow-up meeting with relevant stakeholders in 2023, before/after EFIB in Rotterdam (sept/oct 2023)