Campaign ‘Wij zijn Chemie’ VNCI & C3

It is important to make young people enthusiastic about the world of chemistry. Are you a company and do you want to contribute? Give a digital guest lecture or a virtual tour to students of a (secondary) school in your area. More info in the VNCI Wij zijn Chemie toolbox!

Join us and put your company on the list of participants! Do you already have a nice offer for schools? Or are you willing to give a (digital) guest lecture? Then sign up here.

What can you do for schools?


  • Show how the production process works. How do you get from a number of raw materials to the granules for a LEGO brick or the resin in perfume that ensures that it stays on your skin? Explain through a virtual live session or previously recorded video tour of the company
  • Guest lecture ambassador Women in Chemistry


  • The chemical companies in the Netherlands were crucial in combating the corona crisis. Especially in the first weeks. Many companies switched their production process so that, for example, hand gels instead of paint came out of the machines. How do they make this? And to what other protective equipment does chemistry make an important contribution?
  • Guest lecture on sustainability, how chemistry can contribute to a society without CO2
  • Guest lecture ambassador Women in Chemistry.


  • Present your company, show what different positions there are, possible internships and give the opportunity to speed dating with a process operator
  • Guest lecture ambassador Women in Chemistry

More information about the campaign on the website of VNCI.

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