Winners talent programme challenge ChemistryNL

24 students from the talent programmes of COAST, ISPT and VNCI participated in a student challenge of ChemistryNL. The assignment for the students was to look back from the future and write an essay about their own contribution as a chemist to solving social problems in 2050. The challenge was carried out in teams of 3-4 students.

Contributions were judged by a jury consisting of Bert Weckhuysen (Captain of Science of top team Chemistry), Onno de Vreede (HCA coordinator), Jerry van den Broeke (Communication Manager ChemistryNL) and Tes Apeldoorn (Young professional at Neste and former member of top talent community ChemistryNL). We looked at the novelty of the chemistry innovations in the essay, at their own contribution and at the presentation method.

The challenge resulted in two winning teams; a team of VNCI students that won ‘best written essay’, and a team of COAST/ASTP that won ‘best design’. The students received a prize of 250 euros per person. The winning essay ‘How plastics secured the world’s future: adding value to waste’ of the VNCI students has been published in the Chemistry NL Times.

Best design won by a team of COAST/ASTP students:

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