Want to organize a networking event for SMEs in our sector?

Please contact us if your organization is looking to organize a networking event for SMEs. We may want to contribute in content and with a small subsidy.

What are network activities?
Open masterclasses, workshops, conferences for all SMEs (without distinction) to promote the sharing or exchange of knowledge and networking between SME entrepreneurs.

  • The activity should be emphatically (but not exclusively) aimed at promoting knowledge sharing and networking between SMEs;
  • This must be apparent from the design of the programme, the invitation and the implementation. It must therefore not be an activity in which (coincidentally) SMEs were also present, targeted efforts are needed to get them to participate in the activity and this must be proven (for example by the invitation text).
  • It must be an activity that is accessible to SMEs without distinction. It may not be by invitation or an event where certain groups (such as members) are given priority. You can invite specific SMEs, as long as other SMEs also have access to the event indiscriminately.

Terms and Conditions
Please send your proposal for an event with description of the event, targeted SMEs, including an indication of the size of the target audience and costs, to tkichemie@tkichemie.nl; any subsidy would fall under the arrangements as set out in https://www.rvo.nl/subsidie-en-financieringswijzer/mit-regeling/aanvragen/netwerkactiviteiten.

Our budget is limited. The next subsidy period runs from Oct 1st 2021 to Sep 30th 2022. Our Board has the right to allocate based on match with our Topsector Roadmaps and available budget.

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