KIA: Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

ChemistryNL Roadmaps 2020-2023
Please refer to our four roadmaps for a description of the innovation challenges that we meet in our sector. For example when applying for a ChemistryNL related subsidy:

Roadmap Chemistry of Advanced Materials
Roadmap Chemistry of Life
Roadmap Chemical Conversion, Process Technology & Synthesis
Roadmap Chemical Sensing & Enabling Technologies

Or download them all at once in a single document:
ChemistryNL roadmaps 2020-2023 combined_def


The Chem.I.KIA (download here in Dutch) has been a concerted effort by our programme councils in 2019 to show what chemistry could contribute to the Missions as defined in our National Innovation Policy. This enabled teams to write the National Mission Driven Knowledge and Innovation agenda’s KIAs. Now that the national KIAs are finalized, it is clear what is expected from our sector in terms of research and innovation. For accomplishing the missions and for maintaining a vibrant state-of-the-art sector. Hence we updated our sub-disciplinary roadmaps (top of this page) to enable this contribution.

Overview of all KIAs

KIA Energy transition and Sustainability
In which exists (sub) KIA Circular Economy
KIA Health & Healthcare
KIA Agriculture, Water and Food
KIA Security
KIA Key Technologies
KIA Social earning capacity

KIA Circular Economy 2020-2023

The Knowledge and Innovation Covenant Circular Economy KIA-CE (in Dutch) is available!
This is a landmark in an intensive process of making an inventory, formulating, classifying and prioritizing the many knowledge questions that relate to the transition to a circular economy. ChemistryNL coordinates this KIA across all (top)sectors of the economy

The Agenda for CE is a living agenda. The understanding of reality changes and continuously new opportunities are identified. Therefore we keep a living record of items that could be a part of the Innovation Agenda for the Dutch Circular Economy. Such items will be added shortly.

Download the KIA Circular Economy
Check out who contributed to the KIA-CE

KIC 2020-2023 signed! Investments in innovation increased to € 4.9 billion in 2020

Companies, knowledge institutions and governments will jointly invest € 4.9 billion in 2020 in the government’s renewed top sector and innovation policy. Of this, 2.05 billion comes from companies and 2.85 billion from public funds. This is a doubling compared to this year. This is stated in the knowledge and innovation covenant 2020-2023 (KIC), which was sent to the Lower House by State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate) yesterday. State Secretary Keijzer presented the KIC at the Airborne company in The Hague, together with Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science).

Read more about the KIC.

Chemical technology is vital for tackling the major societal challenges

Technological innovations are crucial for achieving the mission objectives of the four societal challenges “Energy transition and sustainability”, “Agriculture, water and food”, “Health and care”, “Security”. Chemical technology? That is where it effectively begins.