Our aim

The Dutch Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry SuschemNL aims for more intense European collaboration in the field of Sustainable Chemistry. We align activities related to chemical innovation in Europe through ETP Suschem with activities in The Netherlands through ChemistryNL.

Our vision

In 2050, The Netherlands will:
1) be the country of green and sustainable chemistry
2) be in the top-3 of producers of smart materials with high added value and smart solutions, and
3) provide high-quality frontier-expanding academic research.

We will achieve this by intense European collaboration between private companies, research institutes and governmental agencies.


SuschemNL is organized through ChemistryNL. The research & innovation strategy and focus is determined by the programme councils  of ChemistryNL, while tactical issues are handled by a core team of stakeholder representatives. The activities are organised in conjunction with the ChemistryNL Office.

The core team of SusChemNL is formed by:

  • Reinier Grimbergen (TNO): Chair
  • Ties van Maaren (TNO) Secretary
  • Erik Verbrugge (VNCI): Company representative
  • Marijn Goes (NWO): Fundamental research representative
  • Harmen Veldman (Gochem): SME representative
  • John Heynen (RVO): National government representative
  • Hans Bosch (RVO): National government representative
  • Marius Weehuizen (ChemistryNL): International representative


–     European policy lobby through ETP Suschem.
–    Aligning European Strategic Agenda (SIRA) with Dutch Knowledge & Innovation Agenda  (KIA).
–    National and international brokerage.
–    Collaboration and aligment with other Suschem National Technology Platforms .


SuschemNL can be contacted through the ChemistryNL Office, +31 70 344 0586.