KIC Partnership for business (NWO)

Are you looking for research talent to increase your innovative strength? Introduce different perspectives, new knowledge and fresh networks through a partnership with NWO. Together, we will develop a challenge for researchers and partners that contains your question for science. This will enable your organisation to reach research talent and increase its innovative strength.

Aim and objectives
The instrument Demand for Partners encourages innovative partnerships. Your collaboration with NWO will facilitate projects at the intersection of science and the application of research results. The partnerships contribute to innovation as well as societal and economic impact. Topics and questions eligible for a partnership with NWO should fit the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas from the Dutch government’s Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy.

The world needs innovations. Innovations for solutions to societal challenges. You, as a company, can contribute to that. A partnership means that NWO will double the budget invested by your company.

Curious about the possibilities? It all starts with getting acquainted. So take this opportunity to contact NWO and explore the possibilities of a partnership.

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