Argent Energy takes a leading position in Amsterdam Chemistry Network

Argent Energy, a manufacturer of biofuels in the Port of Amsterdam, will join the Amsterdam Chemistry Network with a Gold membership. The CEO of Argent, Mr. Erik Rietkerk, will take a seat in the prestigious Board of Directors of the network of chemical companies and academia representing the Amsterdam region, of which ChemistryNL is a founding member.

Argent Energy in Amsterdam
After the announcement of a five fold capacity expansion in the Port of Amsterdam, this is another sign that Argent Energy is committed to and believes in the Amsterdam region. The company produces biodiesel from designated waste raw materials, with the goal of reducing GHG emissions of the transport industry: a great example of sustainable chemistry applied in business. With the industrial hands on expertise of Mr. Erik Rietkerk in a stirring position within ACN, Argent Energy will be influential in shaping the Dutch and European chemical sector of the future, more sustainable and always innovative.

The role of ACN
“We believe that a strong regional chemistry network will help companies achieve their goals of contributing to solutions for global challenges” says the ACN director Mr. Willem Fokkema. “In addition, we believe that active clustering of the chemical industry in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam will attract more innovative companies, regional funds, foreign investments, and international talent. We are glad that Argent Energy believes in the ACN projects and will give us their full support. Mr Rietkerk will bring the voice of an industry leader, to make ACN’s growth increasingly more solid and our combined strategy more significant for Amsterdam.”

Amsterdam Chemistry Network is a partnership of, now, six leading parties form the chemistry research and industry of the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam. The board is now complete, including Argent Energy, ChemistryNL, Matrix Innovation center, Port of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam. The mission is to promote and support innovation by creating stronger connections among the professionals of the field. Next to the gold members, sitting in the Board of Directors, the network offers its services to Silver and Bronze members as well.

More information about Amsterdam Chemistry Network

Meet our Innovation Agent Marco Tibaldi from ACN.

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