Marco Tibaldi – Amsterdam Chemistry Network
Innovation Agent

Marco Tibaldi is a young professional with a background in Chemistry, Energy and Sustainability. His main aim is to solidify the importance of chemistry in the circular economy and energy transition goals of the Netherlands. As manager of operations at the Amsterdam Chemistry Network (ACN), Marco is at the center of an active community of professionals, with the same ambitious targets.

ACN creates direct connections between knowledge institutes, start-ups, scale-ups, and large industry across the entire technology readiness level ladder. ACN is becoming the go-to network organization that individuals, companies and institutions approach to gain the best access to the Chemistry and Biotech ecosystem of Amsterdam, with special focus on Chemistry for Sustainability and Chemistry for Life Sciences. The role of Innovation Agent for Marco is a natural continuation of his work done at ACN, on a national level.

The concrete targets and results the connections made are:

  • faster and more efficient innovation
  • public-private partnerships in which participants serve a common interest
  • quick access to the necessary resources, e.g. locations and investments
  • scaling up of a new businesses, in terms of both human and intellectual capital

Contact Marco Tibaldi:
+31 (0)6 23 35 40 41 | |