Update ‘dashboard onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt’ – Corona strikes hard in MBO

The ‘dashboard onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt‘ has been updated on July 1st, 2021. The effects of Corona are clearly noticeable on the influx of new students. Particularly MBO has been hit hard. Read more about the dashboard and check out the effects of Corona on education and labor market (in Dutch).

About the dashboard
This online dashboard provides insights into the education and labor market situation of the chemical sector. You can use the figures from the dashboard to gain insights into student flows from education to the labor market in chemistry.

The first version of the dashboard was launched on June 1st, 2017 and the dashboard has been updated with new figures every year since then. The analyzes were performed by Dialogic Innovation & Interaction, on behalf of ChemistryNL. The dashboard is owned by ChemistryNL and was partly realized with the efforts of the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry.

The dashboard consists of three parts:

  1. Chemistry education: This section shows ‘human capital pipeline’ from government-funded chemistry education. Attention is paid to the influx of students at different levels (MBO, HBO, WO Bachelor and WO Master) and the outflow of graduate students.
  2. Connection between education and the labor market: In this section, the labor market for recently graduated chemistry students is mapped out. It is examined in which sector and in which country graduated chemistry students will work. Wage developments are also mapped out.
  3. Chemical labor market: In this section, the labor market of the chemical sector is mapped out. The number of jobs and companies in the chemical sector and the influx from education are discussed in more detail. Furthermore, the background characteristics of employees are analyzed and developments in the demand for graduate chemistry students are discussed.


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