Top sectors call for investing in people right now

In the run-up to a new cabinet, the Dutch Top Sectors are calling for continued investment in people, especially now. They advocate an investment of 50 million euros per year over the next four years for, among other things, the upscaling of Learning Communities in which working, learning and innovation reinforce each other. That investment is desperately needed to continue to make good use of new technology and innovation.

Much of the technology and innovation in our country is at risk of not being utilized due to a growing shortage of people with the right knowledge and skills. To turn this tide, a transformation of the labor market is needed. The targeted increase of the skills of the working population yields a 2% growth in productivity, according to research by the OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Sufficient employees with the right knowledge and skills also ensure that the Netherlands can continue to work on major social challenges in the areas of Energy & Sustainability, Health & Care, Agriculture, Water & Food and Safety in the future.

Learning Communities strengthen working, learning and innovation
The Top Sectors advocate an investment in the development and upscaling of Learning Communities as sustainable partnerships in which working, learning and innovation are closely organized. In this way, knowledge can circulate faster, training is more effective, more attractive and more accessible for a large group of pupils, students and employees.

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