Top sector Chemistry delegation impressed with developments in the Northern Netherlands

The Chemport Europe ecosystem is undergoing rapid development with ample scope for biomaterials and raw materials and reuse. The idea that green chemistry represents the future of the Northern Netherlands is warmly welcomed by public authorities, industries and knowledge centres. That is one of the reasons why a top delegation travelled to the Northern Netherlands. The delegation consisted of the TopTeam Chemistry: Emmo Meijer, Tom van Aken, Bert Weckhuysen, Robert Thijssen, Mark Schmets and Oscar van den Brink.

The cluster in Delfzijl focuses on intermediate chemicals and the cluster in Emmen on polymers. They are leading the way together with the knowledge cluster at Campus Groningen. Add the National Test Centre for Circular Plastics in Heerenveen and the circle is complete. To gain a clear image, the top team Chemistry visited several companies and facilities in the Northern Netherlands.

Read more about the visit on the website of Chemport

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