TKI Chemie and TKI BBE continue together as ‘TKI Green Chemistry and Circularity’

As of this year, TKI BBE and TKI Chemie have been formally integrated into the TKI Green Chemistry and Circularity, as the executive office of ChemistryNL.

Jacqueline Vaessen: “By merging the TKI Bio-Based Economy with the TKI Chemie, we are strengthening the green development direction of innovations. This applies to the chemical industry as well as to the circular economy, health and the environment and the energy and raw materials transition. The integrated organization will realize a greater impact within the relevant missions that have been established”.

Peter Berben, as the new TKI director, will take charge of the integration of the TKI organizations and the knowledge and innovation roadmaps of both TKIs as of February 1st, 2023. The merger does not affect the execution of current programmes and projects, as these are handled by the “old” TKIs. Working methods with regard to new programs and, for example, changes to the roadmaps of the new TKI are coordinated with stakeholders and communicated to stakeholders.

Organizations and contacts of both TKIs will be informed about the new entity and addressing of the TKI Green Chemistry & Circularity.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail.

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