Over the coming decades our supply of energy will be undergoing radical changes. The Paris Agreement on climate change set the goal of limiting the increase in temperature to no more than one and a half degrees Celsius. This will require a drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels to virtually zero by 2050. In that year, electricity will be generated sustainably, buildings will be heated primarily through geothermal energy and electricity, companies will have adapted their production processes to accommodate new resources and sources of energy and households will no longer use natural gas for cooking.


In 2019, ChemistryNL, together with the business community and knowledge institutions, has made an analysis of the innovation portfolio of the top sector chemistry; the “Climate-PITCH”.

All technologies that can contribute to a climate-neutral chemical sector have been identified in the analysis. For each theme, it has been made clear which R&D efforts are already being made in public-private partnerships. Then, in collaboration with experts, an estimate was made of the maturity of the relevant technologies (so-called TRL levels). Scientists, R&D managers and business developers have assessed the extent to which these technologies can contribute to making our sector more sustainable (reduction in the use of fossil raw materials and contribution to the use of renewable energy).

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