Q&A: National Growth Fund grant GroenvermogenNL

338 million for GroenvermogenNL
The cabinet has confirmed its confidence in GroenvermogenNL by allocating no less than 338 million euros from the National Growth Fund on 9 April 2021. With this money, GroenvermogenNL can take essential steps in the coming years in the field of R&D, small-scale pilot and demonstration projects and human capital.
The step towards large-scale projects and investments remains of great importance. The joint top sectors are therefore in talks with the government about possible financing routes, whereby a proposal for the 2nd round of the National Growth Fund is very likely.

The Netherlands is facing a major climate challenge. For example, its flourishing society and industry will have to switch from fossil raw materials to sustainable solutions. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in this transition. As a green raw material, as an energy carrier, as a storage medium and so much more. To tap into the potential of hydrogen and sustainably generated electrons, the smartest solutions, decisive cooperation and an integrated system approach are essential. The Netherlands can also build a new industry and an attractive business climate here. Well-trained people are desperately needed to make this climate transition possible.

That is GroenvermogenNL: upscaling & innovating, converting & building, retraining & training. In GroenvermogenNL we join forces to realize the potential of hydrogen. The joint top sectors ChemistryNL, HTSM and Energy work together with partners from industry, knowledge institutions and the government. Together we tap into the potential of hydrogen and green electrons and build the green power of the Netherlands.

Follow up and questions
At the moment, all the attention of GroenvermogenNL is focused on answering the questions and conditions of the Growth Fund Committee. In the short term, its governance will be set up and its own website will also be launched: www.groenvermogenNL.org. Do you already have questions? We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you in a Q&A.

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