Joint call for PPP projects Agriculture, Water & Food now open

The top sectors Agri & Food, Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen and Water & Maritime opened their joint call for PPP projects  that give substance to the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Agriculture, Water, Food on April 1st 2021. The new projects will start in 2022. The available budget is approximately € 15 million per year. Chemistry specific information on the bottom of this news item.

This call is intended for research projects in which companies, industry organizations, NGOs and public organizations collaborate with recognized research organizations. The projects are carried out as a public-private partnership (PPP). The three top sectors are working together for the second time in this call to implement the joint knowledge and innovation agenda Agriculture, Water, Food. There is also a call for cross-over cooperation with the Top Sectors Life Sciences & Health and Chemistry.

Agriculture, Water, Food
A PPP project answers one or more knowledge and innovation tasks from the knowledge and innovation agenda Agriculture, Water, Food. The Netherlands has an enormous amount of knowledge and is a leader in many areas. To maintain this position and to meet the challenges in areas such as food production, climate change, circular agriculture and water quality, it is important to invest in innovation. With the call, the top sectors want to stimulate innovations in these areas.

Approximately € 15 million is available from the three top sectors. € 5 million of this is used as a PPP allowance, half of which is freely available at all knowledge institutions. The rest of the resources are labeled as WR capacity (€ 10 million) and as TO2 capacity (€ 0.5 million at Deltares, Marin, NLR, TNO and Wageningen Research).

Submitting a proposal
The submission process consists of two stages. In the first phase, a PPP idea is submitted with a brief description of the intended research, the (anticipated) participating project partners and knowledge institutions and a budget calculation. The closing date for submitting PPP ideas is 16 May 2021. Submitters will then receive advice on the extent to which the PPP idea matches the priorities of the call, but the advice may also provide suggestions for collaboration with other consortia. Subsequently, the applicants will have the opportunity to develop the PPP idea into a complete PPP proposal until September 14, 2021 (phase two). The full text of the call and the submission forms can be found here.

Information meetings
The top sectors are organizing a series of webinars to explain the rules of the game surrounding this call: who can submit proposals, what requirements must the proposals comply with, what do the themes entail and more. These webinars are scheduled for Wednesday April 7th – 09.00-10.00 CET and Thursday April 15th – 16.00-17.00 CET. Interested parties can register by sending an email to o.v.v. name and organization.

Matchmaking on themes Health & Care and Chemistry
In addition, a number of matchmaking meetings are held to stimulate cross-over projects between the various top sectors. On Tuesday 20 April from 1.30-3.00 pm, an online matchmaking will take place on the themes of health and care with the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health. Interested parties can register by sending an email to o.v.v. name and organization. When registering, you can indicate whether you want to give a short pitch during the meeting.

A matchmaking with Top Sector ChemistryNL is planned on Thursday 22 April from 09.00 – 10.30 CET. Various themes have been identified where the top sectors want to stimulate cooperation. Interested parties can register by sending an email to o.v.v. name and organization. When registering, you can indicate whether you want to give a short pitch during the meeting.

Additional information for PPP within ChemistryNL
Please check out this document  if you are interested in the cross over call and/or if you want to check if your research fits the terms/conditions of this call.

PPP Surcharge
ChemistryNL can make an important contribution to realizing the objectives as formulated in the KIA Agriculture, Water and Food (LWV) in a wide range of application areas. Cross-over project ideas on a number of defined LWV missions can be submitted via the KIA LWV and will be assessed in consultation with TKI Chemie, and will receive advice on the route for further elaboration into a possible full proposal. PPP surcharge generated by chemical-oriented parties can be used in addition to the resources that LWV has available for this call.

For deadlines, etc check out page 5 of the call.

General information about PPP Surcharge through ChemistryNL

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