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Is your company working on a promising innovation to further develop electrolysis or to better integrate it into the energy system? And do you want to give your business plan a boost and then successfully attract financiers? Then sign up for the Hydrogen Business Challenger.

Invest-NL launches the Hydrogen Business Challenger to guide companies in the hydrogen manufacturing industry towards an improved business plan to successfully attract financiers. You can register for the first round of this programme until 1st of June 2022.

The Hydrogen Business Challenger offers support in strengthening the business plans of entrepreneurs working on innovations for the electrolyser supply chain. Until 1 June 2022 you can register for the first round of this programme. The Hydrogen Business Challenger, financed and facilitated by Invest-NL, offers innovative companies in the electrolyser supply chain a short and intensive process to test, validate and thereby improve their business case and associated plans. The outcome of the process is a sharpened proposition that gives you faster access to financing and strengthens your chances of success in the emerging and fast-growing European electrolysers market.

More information on te Invest-NL website.

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