Human capital update: MBO remains the biggest focus for the chemical industry

This is one of the conclusions of chemistryNL’s education-labour market monitor, which was updated on 1 August with the CBS and DUO data for the second Corona year, 2021. The number of registered vacancies in the chemistry sectors sbi 19-22 increased considerably in 2021, while the student intake of chemistry programmes has fallen sharply, for all levels of education. The inflow into chemical MBO programmes fell again in 2021, by 10%, and is now 41% lower than in 2014.

The Human capital Agenda of ChemistryNL is committed within the PPP environment to contribute to both challenges, image / inflow / retention and innovation / labor productivity. Companies, branches and educational institutions are widely invited to join these initiatives. More information and the full article can be found on this page (in Dutch):

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