HCA Top Sectors launches development map and action scan to help Learning Communities take the next step

Human Capital Agenda (HCA) Top Sectors is launching the development map and a new version of the action scan. These are two instruments that help a Learning Community to take the next step within the partnership. Both instruments have been (further) developed by Denkhuijzen innovation management from Zwolle. Both the action scan and the development map are available to partnerships within learning-working-innovation and can be found on the website of the HCA Top Sectors.

Action scan
The action scan is specifically intended for representatives of the partnership, for example from education, the professional field and research, to reflect on the state of the partnership and where there are opportunities for further development. The action scan comes with a list of questions to help get the conversation started and give direction. The conversation with the action scan will take place under the supervision of a moderator and the presence of a note-taker. Download the action scan now here (questions for moderator can be downloaded here).

Development card
At the same time as the action scan, the HCA Top Sectors is launching the development map, which is an online tool that can be filled in – which you can find here. This instrument can be used by representatives within a (Top) sector who want insight into the current status of partnerships within the sector and where there are opportunities for further development. With input of objectives, building blocks for these objectives and influencing environments for these objectives, you can use this tool to create a graphically beautiful and insightful overview.

Learning Communities
Learning Communities are sustainable partnerships in which working, learning and innovation are organized closely together. In this way knowledge can circulate faster, training is more effective, more attractive and more accessible for a large group of pupils, students and employees.

More information about learning communities on the HCA Topsectors website.
Go to the NWO call Human Capital: Learning communities as innovation accelerator.


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