iLab status for Green Chemistry Innovation Lab in Bergen op Zoom

Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom received the status of iLab from ChemistryNL. This Innovation Lab is the landing place in Brabant and Zeeland where young and innovative start-ups can develop and scale up their sustainable ideas quickly and easily.

The first customer is a fact: Bionative Industries that develops a biobased plastic substitute that is 100% biodegradable in water.


Strengthening the innovation landscape for sustainable chemistry
Since the start in 2011, the Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom has been an officially recognized Center of Open Chemical Innovation (COCI) where fast-growing companies scale up their chemical innovation to the market. From now on, startups can also visit the Innovation Lab (iLab).


“With this iLab, we are strengthening the innovation landscape for sustainable chemistry. A welcome addition to our iLabs map. Startups with innovative biobased ideas can now also go to the border of Zeeland and Brabant for help and advice, ”says Emmo Meijer, figurehead of ChemistryNL.


Geert Mol, project leader of the Innovation Lab, adds: “We can kick-start entrepreneurs with a good circular idea in the Innovation Lab. From accessible and flexible access to laboratories and workspaces to expertise in patents, technology, management and financing; the Green Chemistry Innovation Lab stimulates, supports and connects.”


The first customer is a fact: Bionative Industries
Bart de Raad and Daan Sybesma of Bionative Industries are looking forward to working with the Campus: “The Green Chemistry Innovation Lab offers Bionative Industries professional support and access to a large network of specialists. Both are crucial to our biobased plastic substitute to market successfully.”


Partners Green Chemistry Innovation Lab
Partners of the Green Chemistry Innovation Lab are Curio, REWIN-West Brabant, Avans Hogeschool, HZ University of Applied Sciences, HAS Hogeschool, Circular Biobased Delta and Dockwize. The collaboration with three HBO institutions and an MBO Center for Innovative Craftsmanship – unique to an iLab – guarantees a practical approach and access to the necessary facilities. In addition, connections are also being made with parties such as Impuls Zeeland and Braventure.


More information
On the campus in Bergen op Zoom, entrepreneurs, governments and knowledge institutions work on scaling up new, sustainable materials and chemicals for the building materials and packaging industry. For more information about the Green Chemistry Innovation Lab, interested parties can contact project leader Geert Mol at g.mol@greenchemistrycampus.com or +31 (0) 6 16 98 72 88. See also the website.

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