International activities

Major societal challenges do not respect borders. The climate crisis, availability of energy, earth overshoot and the corona pandemic prove that many solutions can only be tackled internationally. Chemistry in all its facets is the greater enabler of technologies and processes that contribute to a more sustainable, healthier world. With international cooperation, the necessary innovations will be realized much faster, at a larger scale and more affordably. ChemistryNL takes initiative and direction by using the competences of Dutch chemistry in international cooperation.

Our goal is to accelerate open innovation in an international context, while increasing knowledge, earning capacity and strategic autonomy. With public and private commitment, we can achieve economic and social results that benefit the Netherlands.

Read more about SusChemNL, our bilateral cooperations and activities, trilateral strategy, trade promotion and acquisition activities below.

Europe – SuschemNL
SuschemNL is the Dutch Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry and the national link to the European Technology Platform SusChem. It is organized through ChemistryNL. The research & innovation strategy and focus is determined by the programme councils  of ChemistryNL, while tactical issues are handled by a core team of stakeholder representatives. The activities are organised in conjunction with the ChemistryNL Office.

Bilateral cooperation
ChemistryNL has a strong history of international bilateral collaboration in research and innovation. In this we benefit from our international network with attachés posted in key strategic regions and partnering countries. Also ChemistryNL benefits from the relations of the Dutch Research council (NWO) and national industry’s associations (VNCI, HollandBio etc.) with its counterparts around the world. Our board has decided to focus on a selected number of strategic themes coupled to a selection of focus countries in order to keep momentum and make sustainable impact.

Trilateral strategy – ARRRA cluster
In 2017, the trilateral strategy (Flanders, the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia) for the chemical industry was adopted with the aim of “becoming a global engine for the transition to a sustainable and competitive chemical cluster”. The action agenda has three pillars: 1) Energie & Feedstock – drawn by Flanders, 2) Infrastructure – pulled by North Rhine-Westphalia, 3) Research & Innovation – drawn by the Netherlands.

Trade promotion
Trade promotion focuses on collective activities such as trade missions and fairs. Trade missions are specifically for SMEs because they are, unlike large companies not yet established, represented or positioned in the foreign markets relevant to them. Trade promotion is important for the strategic fairs. Both large companies and SMEs participate in fairs, although SMEs seem to be confined to Europe and their limited resources appear to be a barrier to participation. The strategic fairs are therefore the main activity of trade promotion.

Accelerate your business in the Netherlands
Whether you’re an executive at a global, multinational company or a founder of a promising startup, selecting a location for your international business investment and expansion is a major step. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), an operational unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, can guide you on your expansion journey, connecting you with the right resources and tools to realize your goals. Our experienced teams make it easier to expand and accelerate your innovative and global business in the Netherlands. Together with our strong countrywide Invest in Holland network of regional and city partners, we support you to make smart investment decisions.