Companies and Polymer Science Park join forces to become a central player in the circularity of plastics

It is a major challenge for organizations in the plastics sector to increase the share of recycled plastics in products. It is sometimes still difficult to make good business cases for this or to develop large programmes and let them grow. Organizations working on this must be willing to take greater risks. That is why a number of wonderful, innovative companies with knowledge and resources are investing in the new PSP Projecten BV.

Polymer Science Park (PSP) will be given a new way of governance and management from 1 January 2021. A new BV will be started under the name PSP Projecten BV and a new board will be established for the PSP Foundation. PSP Projecten BV will help in the development of circularity in plastics. The companies Wavin (co-founder of the PSP Foundation) and Demcon (involved in the current board of the foundation since 2017), together with Berdal Rubber & Plastics, Dijkstra Plastics, Maan Groep and Veolia, will form the new board of the new bv as of 1 January 2021.

Read more on the website of Polymer Science Park (in Dutch).

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