Cohesive HCA approach launched for energy transition

Over the past two years, various growth fund applications have seen the light in which ChemistryNL’s Human Capital Agenda (HCA) was also involved. One of those applications is GroenvermogenNL, with an HCA budget of approximately 50 million euros for the next 8 years for knowledge dissemination around new hydrogen technology.

For this growth fund application and other large-scale HCA initiatives related to the energy and climate transition, a ‘cohesive HCA approach’ was launched on December 9th, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Top Sectors Energy, ChemistryNL and Holland High Tech, in which all regions have joined in to coordinate initiatives.

Read more about the cohesive HCA approach on the website of Top Sector Energy.

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Niets gevonden.
Niets gevonden.