CoE BBE becomes MNEXT

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE) changed its name to MNEXT.

The materials and energy transition are two major challenges that we will face as a society in the coming years. Both transitions focus on a sustainable future and are technically strongly connected. MNEXT seizes the opportunity to accelerate these transitions, together!

Naturally, we will work with the same ambition, goal-orientedness and curiosity that you have come to expect from us. By conducting practice-oriented research with students, teachers and researchers, we can form the bridge between innovation and society with SMEs. What we do is strongly related to the future and future generations. This also includes our students. They have to take the really big steps when it comes to the materials and energy transition. Scientific knowledge and applied knowledge will help them with this. That is why we continue to work together on educational innovation.

We call ourselves Future Rethinkers. Because we need to urgently come up with new solutions to improve the prospects for the future. Because we have to take different paths. We include all our project partners, not least the real Future Rethinkers, our students. They will make a real difference with a different way of thinking. Rethink the Future, again and again in this changing world.

More information about MNext on its website.


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Niets gevonden.
Niets gevonden.