‘Biobased Circular’ has started and is recruiting 3 directors

The National Growth Fund has approved the first phase of the BioBased Circular program for the period 2024 – 2026. This is the starting signal for BioBased Circular to start recruiting a program management and management team.

The first project proposals are also being prepared and the means of communication are taking shape.

BioBased Circular aims to replace oil for various plastics and materials with vegetable raw materials for packaging, building materials, textiles and coatings, among others. New materials will soon no longer come from the earth, but from the field, from the forest, from recycling or from residual flows from cultivation for food, for example. To make this possible, several hurdles still need to be overcome. BioBased Circular facilitates this on the one hand with research and provides space for the development of ideas in nurseries and on the other hand with scaling up production in demonstrators and in a large-scale flagship installation.

Circular value circles

A major challenge lies in organizing new production chains of an industrial scale. The agri-food sector, the forestry sector and recycling companies will work closely with the chemical manufacturing industry. This requires a new way of working and amended regulations. Complete circularity is a prerequisite in the design of the new products. That is why people no longer speak of value chains but of value circles. This approach prevents the emission of 1 to 2 megatons of CO2 and offers excellent economic prospects: BioBased Circular leads to new, green industries that structurally contribute to the growth of the Dutch economy. In addition, the developments also offer important opportunities for export and international cooperation.

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