About ChemistryNL

ChemistryNL is the name of the Top Sector Chemistry and executes the mission driven innovation policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.


The policy of the 9 Top Sectors in The Netherlands is aimed to create opportunities from global societal challenges in the field of climate, food, health, circularity and safety.


In order to come up with the best solutions the business community, universities, research centers and the government work together on knowledge and innovation. The Top Sector approach is typically Dutch: open, inclusive and inventive.


Within each Top Sector, the parties are united into Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI). The TKIs have drawn up research agendas and objectives for the coming years.


The four members of the Top Team are: Emmo Meijer, Tom van Aken, Bert Weckhuysen and David Pappie. They represent the large business community, knowledge institutions, SMEs and the government within the Top Sector Chemistry. The Board of Directors of ChemistryNL office consists of the members of the Top Team, without David Pappie. In addition, the Top Team has a secretariat.

Sector council

The Sector Council advises the Topteam Chemistry. The members of the Sector Council work in industry, knowledge institutions, trade association, government or education. Together they form the most important ambassadors of chemistry.

Strategy board

The Strategy Board consists of the presidents and vice-chairmen of the program councils and representatives from other top sectors. Together they assess proposals from the programme councils for feasibility and consistency with the ambitions of ChemistryNL.

Programme councils

There are four programme councils that are responsible for the substantive implementation of the four main lines in ChemistryNL. They draw up the roadmaps and test research proposals. The chairmen of the programme councils work in Industry, the vice-presidents are working in science.


Chemical conversion, process technology & synthesis

Chemical Sensing & Enabling Technologies

Chemistry of Advanced Materials

Chemistry of Life


The ChemistryNL office supports the management and the programme councils of ChemistryNL.


Support programme councils
Ardi Dortmans, programme manager Chemistry of Advanced Materials
Stella Koppel, programme manager Chemistry of Life
Vera Meester, programme manager Chemical Sensing & Enabling Technologies
Maurits Boeije, programme manager Chemical Conversion, Process Technology & Synthesis


Topsector themes
Onno de Vreede – Human Capital Agenda
Rob de Ruiter – International: focus countries EU/ SusChemNL
Maarten de Zwart, Martijn de Graaff – International: focus countries outside EU


Staf and Support
Dili Hofland, finance
Roderik Potjer,  Jerry van den Broeke and Martine Kors – Communication
Wia Snijder, secretary


Oscar van den Brink, managing director
Marijn Goes, secretary executive office


The ChemistryNL office is based in The Hague. You can reach us via 070 344 05 86 and the secretary.

Do you want to know more about the programme councils? Please ask for one of the programme managers.

Do you want to know more about the activities of the office or about ChemistryNL? Please contact Marijn Goes or Oscar van den Brink.


Annual reports:
List of conclusions 2018-2019 RvB TKI Chemie
Annual report 2019 ( Annexes 1 – 7, Annexes 8 – 15, Annexes 16 – 19)
Financial statement 2019
Annual report 2018
Financial statement 2018