8 hours of hacking for more women in tech

Recent research proves it: more women in technology is an acute challenge. Only 14% of technical professions in the Netherlands are performed by women. The urgency is high, the issue complex and multifaceted. During the national hackathon Hacking Women into Tech, 40 women and men came up with eight innovative solutions to tackle this problem. Outgoing minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of OCW was there and spoke with the participants and experts and actively contributed to solutions for more women in technology.

The innovative solutions that emerged from the intensive hackathon were diverse: from female tech influencers on social media to the tech grandmother, the lesson program with role models at schools, the bias game at schools, the TV program ‘mannengezeik’, the One Day detox. mindset process, the virtual glasses that put you in your colleague’s shoes and much more. The eight teams ended after 8 hours of hacking with a pitch at a Dragon’s Den with national experts from business, education and government. After the pitch, the eight solutions are directly linked to financing and partnerships of the professionals and influencers present during the closing high level event, so that the ideas can actually be implemented.

Click here for the event page on the Top Sectors website for an impression of the hackathon, the working visit of Minister Van Engelshoven, and the pitches of the hackers during the Dragons’ Den.

A video with the aftermovie can be found on YouTube and on Vimeo

For more trends in women’s choice for technical education and careers, click here (Technology Pact research)

Click here for an overview of the eight breakthroughs the Hackers have pitched for the Dragons’ Den.

Go to the Katapult website for the full article (in Dutch).

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