“The biggest transition that chemistry has ever faced” – interview with Tom van Aken in VVVF magazine

“Innovation in the chemical sector is a prerequisite for a sustainable and circular economy. SMEs can play an important role in this.” says Tom van Aken, SME representative ChemistryNL and CEO of Avantium.

The chemical industry is facing enormous Challenges. At the same time, chemistry also offers the solutions to create a circular and sustainable economy. That is actually the common thread in the interview with Tom van Aken. “The Netherlands has committed to international climate agreements. That means a.o. we have to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and find a solution for the plastic waste problem. Chemistry plays a key role in the transition to sustainability. After all ‘our’ products are used in numerous of other sectors. If we succeed to make substances and materials less polluting and recyclable, this has an effect on large parts of the Dutch economy. In short: the future lies in green chemistry.”

Read the interview in VVVF Magazine or download the pdf.


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