Pre-announcement new call: KIC Circular Economy: trust, behaviour and acceptance

The transition from a linear to a circular economy requires interdisciplinary collaboration in science, more trust, broader acceptance, and a change in how stakeholders work together. The increasing awareness of consumers about sustainability and broad levels of prosperity encourages companies, societal organisations, and knowledge institutions to change their practices and governments to implement facilitating policies. More knowledge is needed to further and accelerate these changes.

The aim of this Call for proposals is to encourage interdisciplinary research that contributes to the acceleration and societal embedding of the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Realising this requires technological developments, such as the development of circular production and consumption processes, as well as a better understanding of possible new forms of collaboration, consuming and doing business.

Research can be aimed at the changes needed to support and boost the transition to a circular economy in the short or longer term. This concerns, for example, questions about what drives consumers, companies and governments to become committed to, and contribute to, a circular economy? What is needed to accelerate the transition in such a way that it is considered valid, earns trust and will be accepted? Which technological developments can play a role in this? Which factors will facilitate the transition, what are the possible obstacles, and how can these be overcome?

Call expected to open October 2022
The Call for proposals KIC Circular Economy: trust, behaviour and acceptance is expected to open in October 2022.

The grant ceiling for this Call for proposals is € 5,000,000. It is anticipated that at most five proposals can be awarded funding in this call.

More information on the NWO website.

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