NWO NWA call: Towards a practical Safe-by-Design approach for chemical products and processes

This thematic programme of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is aimed at the development and implementation of a practical Safe-by-Design approach for the design of chemical substances, materials, products and processes.

Safe-by-Design is an iterative, interactive, interdisciplinary design process in which health and safety are framed as central values from an early stage of development and throughout the design process, so that the resulting products and processes are safer for people and the environment. Mutual learning is central to this programme: The early consideration of health and environmental effects not only requires fundamental chemical and toxicological knowledge, but also practical knowledge of production processes, the future use of the substances and processes and their effects during the life cycle. The intended impact of this research program goes beyond just joint learning between consortium partners – it is also about sharing what has been learned in such a way that other developers and researchers are helped along the way.

More information about the call on the NWO website.

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