National Platform Plastics Recycling (NPPR)

The National Platform Plastics Recycling accelerates innovation and public-private partnerships in the field of plastics recycling at the lower TRL levels (1-5).

The National Platform Plastics Recycling has the following main tasks:

  • Involving relevant parties from innovative SMEs and industry.
  • Bringing together the (scientific) disciplines that are crucial for innovation in the field of recycling, such as those in the fields of materials science and synthesis, catalysis, analysis, process and separation technology.
  • Stimulating knowledge exchange between plastics recycling initiatives in the Netherlands and actively promoting cooperation across the entire innovation chain (universities / institutes, applied research organizations (TO2), national knowledge institutions (RKI), universities of applied sciences, companies) and between relevant (scientific) disciplines.
  • Organization of the field: bringing the business community, knowledge institutes and development partners together around plastic recycling and connecting current initiatives.
  • Mapping the current state of the art and from there identifying blanks and opportunities for mutual cooperation, actively stimulating initiative-building and advising the government.
  • One point of contact for public-private partnerships in the field of plastic recycling in the Netherlands.
  • Communicating about plastics recycling and chemical recycling in particular: key technology for tackling plastic waste, technology for reducing CO2 emissions in the life cycle of plastics and a source of new economic opportunities.

More information about Nationaal Platform Plastics Recycling on the platform website.

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