MIT scheme for SMEs open as of mid April

The MIT scheme stimulates innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across regional borders. In addition, MIT encourages SMEs to contribute to the knowledge and innovation agendas of the Missions for the future. MIT has various instruments: R&D collaboration projects, feasibility studies and knowledge vouchers. In addition, money is available for TKI-Netwerk activities and TKI-Innovation agents. Open from April 12, 2022.

In 2021, the MIT was brought into line with the renewed innovation policy. Nationally, this is the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy in combination with the key technologies approach. At the regional level, many provinces have reassessed their economic policy and new Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3) have been drawn up. Missions and key technologies are also leading in that regional policy.

We advise SMEs that want to submit a project to take this substantive adjustment of the policy into account. For the context of the policy, for the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs) and for examples, you can orientate yourself via the website

More information about the MIT scheme can be found on the RVO website.

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