Launch platform SensingNL

We are proud to announce the launch of a new platform: SensingNL! 🚀

SensingNL is a joint initiative of the top sectors ChemistryNL, Holland High Tech, Topsector ICT – Team dutch digital delta and COAST, Imec and TNO, and aims to realize social missions through the large-scale use of sensing technology.

Join SensingNL on November 3rd in Nijmegen for an open brainstorm and celebration of the launch of the platform. The theme of this working conference is ‘Sensing for Sustainability’. This includes both sustainable manufacturing and safety by sensing. Together we will explore how sensing innovations and implementations can make a difference and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Who is invited? Everyone involved in sustainable social transitions where sensing solutions can and should make a difference.

More information and registration via the SensingNL website:

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Niets gevonden.
Niets gevonden.