Innovation Attache Network

Are you interested in international developments and trends in innovation and Research & Development (R&D)? Are you looking for international R&D contacts? The Innovation Attache Network identifies opportunities for innovation and R&D and helps to make innovative matches between the Netherlands and other countries.

For whom is the IA network?

  • companies with high-quality technologies and R&D, start-ups and scale-ups;
  • knowledge institutes, such as universities and institutes for applied research (TO2);
  • governments, both nationally and regionally.


The IA network is happy to help you with:

  • matching foreign and Dutch innovations;
  • identifying trends in innovation and R&D;
  • guiding innovation missions and delegations; entering into partnerships with leading players abroad;
  • advocacy (economic diplomacy).

The IA network focuses on social issues and key technologies.

More information about the IA network (in Dutch).