Knowledge clips supporting lifelong development in green chemistry

The rapid developments in green chemistry require adjustments in the educational offering. In both regular education and further training, it is important that the latest developments are included in the teaching material. In this way, the connection with the work situation is improved and at the same time students get a good idea of ​​their possibilities in green chemistry. The Learning Community Biofuels has developed an initial series of knowledge clips for this purpose.

A knowledge clip is a short, professional video that covers a specific topic in a few minutes. An overview is given of deepening or broadening knowledge. The first series of knowledge clips was created around the theme of biobased fuels. Topics such as the need to switch to biobased fuels, production methods and applications are explained by experts from the field. Attention is also paid to carbon accounting and to the admission procedure for new fuel products on the market. The clips can be found on the  wiki-page of Groen Kennisnet.

Now that the first series is ready, a new project will test whether the knowledge clips indeed meet expectations and how the formula can possibly be optimized to achieve maximum effect in education.

For the knowledge clips, Wageningen University Research, Platform Renewable Biofuels, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen worked together in the Learning Community Biofuels. Financial support for the clips and the Learning Community came from the Customized Knowledge program of the Top Sector Agri & Food, from the Top Sector Energy via RVO and from the Renewable Fuels Platform.



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