Growth Fund Initiatives

About the National Growth Ffund
With the National Growth Fund, the Dutch government will invest €20 billion between 2021 and 2025 in projects that ensure long-term economic growth. Ultimately we all benefit from this. Economic growth creates more income, which means we all have more to spend. This also allows us to continue investing in, for example, our healthcare, our education and in the necessary measures against climate change.

Initiatives relevant to chemistry:

BioBased Circular (BBC)
BioBased Circular (BBC) creates and demonstrates closed circular value chains (value circles) for plastic products (polymers) based on carbohydrate-rich bio raw materials in the Netherlands. A minimum of five value circles will be delivered, including research, testbeds and demonstration plants up to a relevant industrial scale. By simultaneously and systematically realizing the availability of raw materials, circular building blocks and circular product designs, a new industry is created. Sustainable availability of raw materials is central: intensive cultivation of primary crops is gradually being replaced by nature-inclusive cultivation, residual flows and recycled materials. BBC is supported by leading European companies (Avantium, Cosun and Renewi), promising scale-up companies (Paques, Relement, Plantics and others) and leading research institutions (WUR, RUG, TNO and others). Together, broadening research, scaling up, valorization and chain transition are deployed and opened up to third parties. The main areas of application are textiles, construction and packaging.

Circular Plastics NL
The program focuses on realizing material and process innovations and focuses on bottlenecks in various value chains to close the loops for existing plastics. Timing: The program runs for eight years and has eight program lines that work towards 100% circularity by 2050 and offer sustainable growth opportunities to the Dutch economy. The funding is split into 3 phases, open calls 2023 are part of the 1st phase.

GroenvermogenNL is committed to accelerating and realizing the growth of the green hydrogen and green chemistry economy in the Netherlands. Together we can make a difference! The potential for H2 and sustainable electrons in our industry is enormous. GroenvermogenNL wants to play an important role in accelerating climate-neutral H2 production and promoting the use of green electrons in our energy-intensive chemical industry. Through an integrated approach, GroenvermogenNL is working on a strong national innovation ecosystem for H2 production and use. Our focus is on harnessing the power of Dutch collaboration between companies and research institutions involved in the energy, chemical and manufacturing sectors. By facilitating knowledge exchange and encouraging joint efforts to achieve common goals within R&D and innovation programs. By working together, GroenvermogentNL stimulates the adoption of green H2 in the Netherlands and takes substantial steps towards a climate-neutral world.