CCU projects wanted for FutureCarbonNL

Are you or your organization working on research or development of conversion technologies that use CO2 and CO as a circular raw material, or are you considering starting this soon? Join the conversation and join FutureCarbonNL, a Growth Fund proposal that aims to build a leading carbon tech sector in the Netherlands.

We will soon allocate the Growth Fund resources via open calls-for-proposals to the most promising and targeted project proposals,” says Erik Verbrugge, Innovation Manager at Koninklijke VNCI, and co-initiator of FCNL. 25 companies, knowledge institutions and start-ups have now joined this innovation programme. In addition, more than thirty parties have already submitted project proposals and ideas. Verbrugge: “Together we are working towards submitting a subsidy application to the National Growth Fund on February 3, 2023. Additional projects are welcome!”

FutureCarbonNL’s ambition is to accelerate national research, development and demonstration of technologies that can convert CO2 and CO into new materials, chemicals, fuels and food (Carbon Capture and Utilization, CCU). And thus set up a globally leading carbon tech sector in the Netherlands.

Not a closed shop
“We want to involve as many parties as possible at the earliest possible stage and invite them to share their expertise. Startups, SMEs and large companies, regional development organizations, investors and knowledge institutions with innovative, innovative ideas and concepts to bring CO2 and CO back into the carbon circle are welcome. “We want to start a broad movement. The Netherlands has an excellent starting position to develop into a global leader in CCU. But this can only be done with a joint effort. So sign up; it’s not a closed shop!”

Do not miss it; also join FutureCarbonNL!
For more information, please contact Erik Verbrugge, Innovation Manager VNCI: 06-34247452. You can still submit projects until 8 January 2023.

The FutureCarbonNL proposal was initiated by the VNCI and is being drawn up in collaboration with Twence, Carbyon, DelftIMP, Shell, Dow, BASF, Kisuma, Corbion, Avantium, Nobian, ISPT, TNO, University of Groningen, TU Delft, University of Twente and the ministries of EZK and IenW. If the proposal is approved, it will be open to all parties (companies, knowledge institutions) that can contribute to it.

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