Stories of a Dutch Molecule


How does Dutch Chemistry contribute to global challenges? Watch our videos about innovative chemistry solutions, for a better world! 

Smart Recycling

On our way to a circular economy, we need to tackle a major challenge; the growing waste stream. Check out the video and find out how smart recycling can help.

Chemical Recycling

To close the circular loop, we need breakthrough chemical recycling: deep recycling. A new innovative domain to give used materials many more lives instead of burning them. Watch the video and find out more.

Precision medication

For centuries, chemistry has played a vital role in medicine development. Check the video to find out what chemistry can do for cancer treatment using precision medication.

Carbon Capture Usage

CO2 is a natural part of the earths atmosphere. Too much CO2 in the atmosphere causes global warming. Find out what Chemistry can do about CO2 emissions.

Evidence Based Sensing

How can we protect people from harmful substances? Check out what Evidence based sensing can contribute to protect our wellbeing.

Electrochemical Conversion & Materials

Renewable industry will play a major role in our future energy system as part of a low CO2 economy. Check out the video and find out how we can use climate neutral energy for industry.

Smart materials

We have a long history of inventing building materials. Find out how can we build a sustainable future using smart materials.