500 million extra for green hydrogen and chemistry via GroenvermogenNL

The GroenvermogenNL growth fund programme will receive an additional 500 million euros to accelerate the realization of a green hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the National Growth Fund, announced this on 14 April. With this, GroenvermogenNL accelerates the production and use of green hydrogen and related technology in various industrial chains, such as chemistry, kerosene, steel or fertilizer. Besides the fact that this is good for the climate and earning capacity, GroenvermogenNL also strengthens the opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry in the field of green hydrogen.

The GroenvermogenNL proposal stems from the administrative round table Hydrogen and Green Chemistry and was previously submitted to the National Growth Fund by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate (EZK). With a reservation of 338 million euros from the first round of the growth fund in 2021, the cabinet is investing a total of 838 million euros on the upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry with today’s decision. Marco Waas, chairman of the consortium that elaborated the application: ‘With this award, we can establish the necessary connection between scaling up and the research program that has already been awarded funding in the first round of growth fund.’

Hydrogen and green chemistry
Hydrogen plays an increasingly important role in our economy. With 16.5 billion m3 of hydrogen per year, the Netherlands is already the second largest hydrogen player in Europe. To expand that position in a climate-neutral world, the production of green hydrogen in particular must be scaled up. The second award for GroenvermogenNL makes this possible by realizing electrolyser installations of at least 100 MW by 2026 at the latest, linked to industrial applications. These projects are the springboard to installations of more than 1 GW. In addition to providing direct green hydrogen production, these electrolysers are essential for learning how to scale up hydrogen to the ultimately required 1 GW scale. Due to high investment risks and the innovative character, this scaling up does not happen automatically.

GroenvermogenNL makes it possible to realize electrolysis facilities of at least 100 MW in collaboration with industry. And to innovate on an industrial scale in collaboration with knowledge parties in value chains such as chemicals, kerosene, fertilizer or steel. In order for these chains to function optimally, in addition to scaling up production, well-functioning infrastructure, transport and storage of hydrogen are also required. Marjan Oudeman, chairman of the program board of GroenvermogenNL, of which the new extra funds will also form part: ‘These investments from the National Growth Fund offer us all a unique opportunity to accelerate our hydrogen and sustainability ambitions. It is important that we take a strong approach to developments in the field of hydrogen, so that we can maintain a strong position vis-à-vis the countries around us. We have to speed it up. This pooling of money and innovative strength lays the foundation for a healthy future-oriented Dutch economy.’ In the coming months, the program board will work with the consortium, RVO and EZK to open up the extra resources for project submissions.

Video GroenvermogenNL
Watch the introduction video for the 2nd submission of GroenvermogenNL: GroenvermogenII (6m32s).

Participating parties GroenvermogenII: Nobian/HyCC, Shell, Air Liquide, DOW, VDL, OCI Nitrogen, BP, Yara, Orsted, Siemens, Avantium, Hygear, Hyet, TataSteel, Vattenfall, Zeeland Refinery, MTSA, Bosch, SkyNRG, FME, BASF, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Smart Delta Resources (SDR), Chemelot, Brainport, kennispartijen (TNO/VoltaChem, AMCEL (UvA), EIRES (TU/e), e-Refinery (TUD), ARC CBBC (UU, TU/e, RUG), CEI (UT), Top Sectors Energie, Holland High Tech and ChemistryNL.

With the support of: Urgenda, Natuur & Milieu, VEMW, VNCI, FME, Gasunie, ECCM, Electrolysis Makers Platform.

Please contact the secretariat of GroenvermogenNL by e-mail: secretariaat@GroenvermogenNL.org. Spokesperson on behalf of this proposal is Marjan Oudeman, chair of the programme board of GroenvermogenNL. Interview requests also go through the GroenvermogenNL secretariat.

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