2 Dutch scale-ups winner in Green Deal call from EIC Accelerator

GoudenKIEM2016 winner TUSTI and Ranmarine, 2 Dutch innovative scale-ups, have been selected with their innovations for the EIC Accelerator Green Deal call 2019. In doing so, they jointly win support of € 5.2 million, with the aim of upscaling the company and the roll-out of their innovative products in European or global markets.


TUSTI developed a technology to clean highly contaminated mixtures of plastics and to separate them into different fractions. In recent years, this technology has been further optimized and tested in the lab and in practice. With this subsidy, they can scale up the technology, so that by 2022 they can wash and separate 15,000 tons per year of currently not recycled plastic packaging. These can then be used in high-quality applications, such as bottles. Really circular. This makes it possible to achieve the ambitious goals of the European Commission and to recycle more and more plastic (packaging) waste, no matter how dirty it is.


Ranmarine’s approach is to place a WasteShark system in a specific waste-rich area. In this area, a holistically networked swarm of WasteSharks must find and collect the waste and then deliver their ‘catch’ to the SharkPod. Deployed in a known environment, the sharks go straight to the largest concentration of debris based on information gathered from previous missions. This approach increases the efficiency of the drones and allows existing and potential customers to become more efficient in collecting waste. Whether it concerns plastics and other non-biodegradable substances (solid waste), oils and chemicals (liquid waste), pest plants (harmful biomass) or a combination.


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